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Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:West Hurley, New York, United States of America
Website:Harry Everett Smith Memorial Library
Artist/author/painter/musician/herbalist/perfumer/cinematographer/alchemist/daemonic astrologer/astral magician. I enjoy hiking and camping in the Catskills with my wife and twin daughters. I am also the co-founder of the Harry Everett Smith Memorial Library.

Interests (150):

abraham abulafia, abraham elim, active intellect, agent intellect, airships, alchemy, alkindi, almuten, amygdala, anthology of american folk music, ars memoria, aryeh kaplan, astral magic, astroeides ochema, astrological magic, astrometeorology, augmented reality, augoeides ochema, aurora borealis, autopoiesis, averroes, awareness during sleep paralysis, ball lightning, belladonna, biometeorology, book of giants, bookbinding, carolee schneemann, catskill mountains, combinatorics, cosmic judaism, cosmic transvestism, cryptology, crystal radio, crystallography, cunning craft, daemonic astrology, deep ecology, deity yoga, diane di prima, digital filmmaking, earth lights, electional astrology, electrical engineering, electrometeorology, electrostatics, elliot wolfson, empedocles, enoch, ergodic literature, error correcting codes, esphand, evocation, extremely low frequencies, flux tubes, flying ointment, four elements, four humours, fulldome, geomagnetic field, georges perec, giordano bruno, glossolalia, greek magical papyrii, grimoires, harmonics, harry everett smith, heidelberger schicksalsbuch, heinrich cornelius agrippa, hellenic astrology, henbane, henri corbin, high-frequency electricity, hildegard of bingen, horary astrology, iamblichus, ida craddock, ioan coulianu, isopsephy, jewitch, john scotus eriugena, kabbalah, ketoret, kyphi, leibniz, lionel ziprin, lucid dreaming, machinima, magic squares, magnetoencephalography, marsilio ficino, mediaeval astrology, metallurgy, metatron, meteorology, michael persinger, mithras, monadology, narratology, natural pigments, necronomicon, neoplatonism, night hag, oil painting, oulipo, paracelsus, paschal beverly randolph, pattern poetry, perfumery, picatrix, platonism, plotinus, poltergeists, porphyry, pre-socratic philosophy, procedural noise, proclus, pulad, quantum semiotics, rosaleen norton, ruach ha-kodesh, sabbatic craft, salvia divinorum, shekinah, shemen ha-mishchah, shining ones, simonomicon, sleep paralysis, slow lightning, spagyrics, spherics, spinoza, spiritualism, stoics, synaesthesia, talismanic art, tarocchi, tempera, temporal lobe, theosis, theurgy, transcranial magnetic stimulation, tricyclics, trithemius, tropanes, tryptamines, whistlers, william pensinger, wootz, wortcunning
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